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"Doug" & Bullying

Remember back in the day when City Council had people like:

  • Levy
  • Mariano
  • Hennigan
  • Lukes
  • Clancey
Would ask tough questions to department heads?????
Versus complimenting how great the report looks, without reading it.
Followed by 10 more people saying how great the report is w/o asking a question.
Even asking follow-up questions!!!  

Were they being bullies??

"Doug", there is nothing in any of these posts or comments that constitute bullying.
It is just a group of tax-payers holding a government entity accountable wanting a return on their tax monies?

Sad that you think that accountability is bullying


Jeremy said…
I agree with you Bill. I was on the HOA at my condo association for a while, I left because it’s a pro bono position, and it’s not worth the complaints when you’re not compensated. All of the people running the airport are paid for doing so. I am also a government employee for an agency that deserves allot of criticism, it’s sucks but it’s a fact. Those paid with tax dollars are accountable to those who pay the bills.
Anonymous said…
I also agree.
I am sad to say I remember those days and watching the City Council meetings on Greater Media. Councilors would question the administration then they would debate the issues and in the end vote something up or down. It was not bullying, it was what representative government is supposed to be.
Anonymous said…
You are a bully and Worcester Business Journal is negative. What has become of this City?
Anonymous said…
I think Dougy boy has left the building. The names you have listed were in positions of authority, and the department heads would be shown the door if they didn't answer the tough questions. If its not bullying, why aren't they responding to you? You could argue that you are in a position of authority with City Hall to get answers on Polar Park because you're a tax payer. But since massport doesnt use Worcester taxes to operate, they probably just think you're a nuisance. And the airlines have bigger issues than little old Worcester. All due respect Bill, but its looking like this website is a waste of you're time. Why don't you just go to a Council or Polar Park Commision meetings and demand answers? Are you on any organizations that you could invite Massport to speak? Don't take this the wrong way, I'm just suggesting a new tact. The keyboard ain't working ESPECIALLY with the ball park.
Bill Randell said…
Thanks for the advice. You make some very good points, but the only time I have is really few spare moments during the day to put something on the blog. That said, I do not think it is a waste of time. An issue like the fact Polar Park pays no property taxes would never have seen the light of day if not for this blog.

Again you points are valid, but I simply have no time
Anonymous said…
As Bill noted, the tax free deal some billionaires got and the. City getting all of the bills on the ball park deal would never have seen the light of day but for this blog. Bill os doing a public service.

Also, you can easily be shut down at a council or committee meeting. You are time limited and can be simply talked over or ignored.
The T&G isnt going to report your comments. Here, Bill and commenters have free reign to bring up and discuss these issues.

Even if you get to talk for your whole two minutes, the council won’t debate it. Even if a coincilor wanted to,an issue has to be on a publicly noticed agenda. I suppose you could fill out a request with the clerk, but any single councilor can file it dead easily so it doesn’t see the light of day.
Anonymous said…
I agree with the last comment but for different reason. I have followed this blog for the last two years quite simply because the Telegram, and sometimes Mass Live, appeared to report what the City stated, verbatim. At least this blog posts items these papers should be reporting on.