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 This "corporate welfare","crony capitalism" or call it whatever you like is beyond the point of lunacy. Millionaires (or Billionaires) expect states and local cities to invest in a facility (a building which they conduct their private business) with the risk that whatever is allegedly going to help the local city pay for the cost may not occur . 


The lunacy is that the owners have the means to build their own stadium or ballpark and for whatever reason cities get into a bidding war to lure or keep them. I don't think this will ever be a good expense of public dollars. Paving the roads or building a school would be a much better use of tax dollars. 


What makes the situation worse, as is in the case with the WooSox, is when they are not required to pay taxes like the law says.We taxpayers are getting it stuck to us both ways and these teams smile all the way to the bank.




Common Sense said…
Attended the Donna Summer show at the Hanover last night. The three patrons behind me were talking about the trips they took over the Winter. All the destinations they mentioned were easily accessible from
ORH. I heard them mention that they flew out of Green and Logan. It's a shame that Massport and the airlines won't spend a dime on marketing.
Anonymous said…
Yesterday DPW was out and about filling potholes, which is a good thing because I can't remember potholes being as bad as they were this year. Now the City needs to start thinking about totally repaying streets because the patchs on last so long!