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Great Comment Today

 A quick project recap, 



1) construction costs 59 million (59%) over budget as of now 

2) the ball park looks like a self storage building,

3) the garage and Pickett Park are behind schedule, 

4)the land disposition agreement which gives the City title to the property is not complete, 

5) the developer , whose buildings are expected to generate tax revenues which are suppose to pay for the construction has yet to put a shovel in the ground, and NOW 

6) the woman and minority owned business numbers reported have been substantially overstated.




Why should I feel optimistic about this project? 





Common Sense said…
I was watching the Red Sox play at Camden Yards yesterday. I can't believe the same people that designed that designed our ballpark. Reminds me the old Saint Vincent hospital building on Vernon Hill. The new South High School building looks better. What a waste of money. I warned people that the developer working across the street has a history of holding up projects until he feels the market is right. Maybe they can raise funds by charging $10 per Conney Island hot dog at the concessions.
Common Sense said…
Didn't they already add a parking surcharge to cover some of the overruns?
Common Sense said…
I'm not sure what the plan is for the parking. I think Bill said that the garage is behind schedule. I for one wouldn't be thrilled to walk from the library parking lot of the Union Station garage to the stadium. They're going to need police details at each intersection on the way so people don't get run over.
Anonymous said…
With the construction expenses costing a lot more. The woosox mentioned that to cover the cost all ticket sales will be raised by $2 at least. The cheapest ticket is looking to be about $15. I’ll take that $15 and head to a bravehearts game where the most expensive ticket, a soda, and 2 hot dogs is about the same price. They screwed over Worcester pretty bad and the city won’t support the Worcester Bravehearts anymore. Every time a proposal is made to favor them, it gets tabled for the next meeting.