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Comment On The Media

 have online subscriptions that if they were not already paid for I would cancel them. I am tired of reading most expensive/lease expensive real estate sales and WooSox articles and every now and the something on the City. The news media is dead in Worcester. R.I.P.


Editor's note:   We could agree more.  The Telegram has not run one story on the numbers around the Polar Park or the fact no property taxes are being paid...    Every day there seems to be a puff piece in the Telegram on the WooSox/Polar Park.  

How can nobody report on the finances of a $160,000,000 taxpayer funded project?????   


Anonymous said…
Check out the 016.
David Z. said…
Bill if you cancel your subscription you won’t be able to read any of the ORH puff pieces from Andy Davis and MassPort. 😀
Anonymous said…
I just read a T&G article on the 911 center. It was exclusively City Hall speak. Then I read the comments from employees refuting the article. What the T&G does is not reporting but repeating.
Anonymous said…
It’s has been said, if the news in Polar Park finances was good (I.e. the city will not have to spend a huge amount of tax dollars that are needed elsewhere to bail out the park/WooSox debt ) you’d have heard about it. Every day.

The fact that the local media doesn’t have the resources to challenge the city hall lack of transparency on finances is a real issue. Only the WBJ seems to be wpeevn interested in asking the question. Also, the fact that Wanamaker gets attacked just for asking is telling. If the question could be answered with god news, it would have been

I hope that I’m not correct.
Anonymous said…
Does it seem that the development at the old Mt. Carmel site is moving along faster than any of the development near Polar Park? I think they only bought the property a few months ago.
Anonymous said…
It looks like they are building much faster but they have a bigger lot to work with. A question, does the developer have the same hiring requirements that Madison has, and was behind in reporting?