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Breeze In Providence and Hartford Silving Lining??

We have admit that we were disappointed that Breeze did not choose Worcester for any flights.    the thing that surprises is that their own target market lined up with them picking Worcester over Providence or Hartford.      

Is there a silver lining??  

We think that there is.    

Breeze will definately be targeting passengers in the Massport, or more specifically JetBlue in Boston/Worcester/Springfield.    One way Massport/JetBlue could fight back would be to provide more Jetblue flights/options our of Worcester!!!

We go with Rusty prediction with a new flight option coming to Worcester from JetBlue for this Holiday Season.   


David Z. said…
I like your optimism Bill but if JetBlue is going to add a destination for this holiday season they would have to announce fairly quick or prospective passengers would have already booked at other airports.
Rusty said…
I highly doubt they will add a flight that starts for the Holiday season. I think however they will announce a flight during the holiday season.
Anonymous said…
I don’t think we hear of anything until 2023. David has a point about how flights for thanksgiving and Christmas are probably booked already by most families. Yes it’s 3-4 months out but JetBlue has been doing deals and people are taking advantage of it now (some flights to FLL are only $45!!!!) Rusty mentioned that we probably won’t hear anything until then and that I agree with as well. It’s going to be the phase of cutting flights, then looking at crews and staffing, then looking at where they (JetBlue) want to expand as well as what routes they want to potentially bring back, then doing what’s best. This is the same case for delta and American as they are going to be cutting flights soon as well (not announced where yet). When booking a delta flight out of worcester, I did notice they’re downgrading the aircraft from the CRJ9 to the CRJ7 which has fewer seats. Also, JetBlue has supposedly ramped up retiring the E190s which is why we’ve seen the A320 get extended twice now on the Fort Lauderdale flight until the middle of of December (but will likely be extended again). So lack of aircraft can also play a factor as well.

I mentioned a while back about Breeze waiting to see if any new airlines fly out of Worcester and how they do. I still believe that’s what they’re doing. Hartford and Providence have the numbers to back it up for how successful flights are out of there but Worcester currently has 2/4 flights that have 50% or higher loads and that’s JetBlue’s flights. If Massport was smart, what they could do is market to the big three out of Boston (JetBlue, American, Delta) and mention the new landing system, cheap/free parking, lower wait times through security, etc. Market Worcester as a hub for flights that Boston needs. If there’s people in Western Mass, look at destinations that don’t fly out of Albany and Bradley, you have an entire market out there plus people in Vermont and New Hampshire as well (Manchester doesn’t have a lot of flights and they don’t even have delta or JetBlue there). They could use Worcester as a satellite hub for Boston and pitch flights to Atlanta, DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc. All of those cities are major hubs for different airlines that could work great for ORH. You just need to market the airport, when you don’t then you get the loads that American and delta have, when you do you get the loads that JetBlue have.
Rusty said…
What your proposing is an airline pull an Allegiant @ Sanford in Orlando. Not a horrible concept but there’s only 2 airlines in the U.S. that could possibly do it. Everyone spare the startups and budget carriers only make hubs/focus cities out of main airports in their respective markets. That leaves the budget airlines & startups. Of the 3 budget airlines, Spirit is merging with JB so that takes them out. They’ll continue to focus on Logan as a hub. Allegiant is barred from coming back to ORH. Bad blood from when they dropped everything and ditched ORH last time. They could patch that relationship up and try again but I doubt it. Worth taking note however the that Allegiant doesn’t only have a select few flights a week into Logan. That leaves only Frontier. For the 2 startups, Breeze & Avelo, really only Avelo is possible. Yes they have a Hub in New Haven which is very close geographically but they could make it work. ORH certainly wouldn’t become a hub for them, but a Focus City is a possibility. Breeze flies into Providence already. If their going to make a focus city out of the Boston market, they’d do it there. I think it’s decent concept and obviously works in cases like Allegiant @ Sanford but with none of these carriers flying to ORH yet it’s unlikely. Focus cities are usually some of a carriers original destinations, not one they add years down the line.
Anonymous said…
Simply having Delta add an early morning flight to Atlanta would solve a LOT of issues regarding lack of flights.

Just look at JB early flights tomJFK. You can literally fly anywhere in the world from ORH right now.

Delta to ATL doubles that.
Anonymous said…
Not truly anywhere... mostly North America. JB flights to/from JFK need more codeshares with international airlines and currently not indexed on major travel sites. Take for example B6 233 (Burlington, VT - New York, NY 6am)... this flight has codeshares with American Airlines, Emirates, Hawaiian, JAL Japan, EL AL Israel, Qatar, and Turkish Airlines.

Similar flight at 6am from Worcester (B6 671) only codeshares with Emirates and Qatar Airways.



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