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Polar Park Thought

 As everyone know here, we are against the finances of this project from day 1 and feel the taxpayers are were going to get stuck paying for alot of the costs.    This project will be far from being revenue neutral....     To date we have been proven correct....   

We have acknowledged here, however, that the park looks great and is a great fan experience, but one thing is starting to bother us.    
There is one thing that we have not heard, not even once???

Not heard one person say that the game was great!!   

Stayed all 9 innings can't wait to see the next game.  

That is nobody's fault but more a commentary on the state of baseball.   Personally this year I have not watched one inning of the Boston Red Sox and I lived and dies with the Sox.....     After the honeymoon is over, you have wonder what the attendance numbers will look like 5 years from now.  

Already know season ticket holders who say they can not give their tickets away.??   

This all goes back to our point from the very beginning.   

The City of Worcester should not be in the 

  1. Hospital business
  2. Nursing home business
  3. Airport business
  4. Convention Center business
  5. Train Station business
  6. Golf Course business
  7. Baseball stadium business


Common Sense said…
I remember when Arthur Chase made it his personal crusade to get the City to ditch Worcester City Hospital. I think at one point the City was losing $11 million per year. Fortunately, UMass came to the rescue and took it over.
Anonymous said…
The City should have been focusing on inspecting rental units instead of building a ball park.
Unknown said…
Sewer and water lines routinely disintegrate under the pothole lined streets and a public works truck sank into a sinkhole on Shrewsbury Street this spring. But, hey, batter up!

Who needs money to fix city things when we can use it to pay Larry Lucchino’s bills so that he can increase his profits ?
Anonymous said…
The ball park is a nice amenity but it would not be my first choice for spending public funds. Replacing Burncoat High and repairing our streets would be #1 and #2 in my book.
Common Sense said…
Just read that the Harding Tire Building in the Canal District has been sold. If I had to guess the new owner will probably level the place and build an apartment building.
Also, a building on Sudbury St. Downtown is being converted to 165 loft units.
Anonymous said…
The convention center business has the potential to be huge and successful for the city but the city doesn’t seem to care about it. For example, the city is a 500 room hotel away from being able to host the NCAA ice hockey national championship (they’ve hosted regionals like this past year and will be in 4 years as well) or NCAA March madness bracket games. Worcester can host many conventions and events in the DCU Center but the lack of flights from the airport might be a factor as to why they don’t as well (yes Worcester has flights to JFK/LGA and FLL but other areas that have convention centers have a lot more direct flights to may other destinations). Boston specializes in everything, Providence convention center hosts quite a bit of volleyball tournaments, Worcester specializes in dance competitions but they don’t use that large space where graduations for Worcester Public are held. They do have small events in that space but nothing big. There is potential for that space in the convention center but worcester would have to try to market that space which they don’t try to do. There is plenty of things you can push to get there, whether it’s set towards teenagers like E-Sport gaming tournaments or conventions like that or involving sports, or towards adults like music events that are 18 or 21 plus and has 2 areas in the main arena and convention center, or have more of those tasting events with food and beers. Worcester and Central Mass has so many breweries and Worcester has the taste of Shrewsbury street every year, why doesn’t Worcester try to host a “Taste of Massachusetts” or “Taste of New England” event where adults and/or families can go to the DCU center and try foods and beverages from all over the state or New England region.

Like I mentioned, the convention center has lots of potential but there is a lot holding it back. The arena is the better revenue source than the convention center just because they have 2 tenants (railers and pirates) that occupy the arena 11/12 months of the year but the convention center can still be good and used quite often if they tried to market events.
David Z. said…
Those season ticket holder’s obviously haven’t asked me. I’ll take them. 😀
David Z. said…
Bill, you must be a blast at parties with all your negativity.