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Doug's Comment

Editor's Note:  Below is all from Doug.  Or is it "ORH ramp rats' or "JT Facts"??  We never deleted it BTW


 This was common senses comment that I responded to....

 Maybe someone at Massport should call JB to tell them to stop sending their crappy planes to ORH. How many times did this issue happen at TF Green or Logan in the past three months? Since they have a combined hundreds of more daily flights this should happen there on a more frequent basis.


 I basically said that JetBlue flies to 100 cities, many with the same planes they use at Worcester. And most likely the same issues occur there too, including PVD and BOS. The difference is that all those other airports Don't have a blogger and commenters that put every irregularity under magnifying glass and document it for all to see. I mean how many airports out there has someone giving a daily report on how the flights operated the day before? I venture to say NONE. Please prove me wrong. There is way too much highlighting the same stuff that also goes on at every other airport with all airlines, every day, but its not brought to light because they don't have a "" to embellish on it.


ORH Fan said…
Sorry Doug, but you can't compare the issues at ORH with Boston or Providence or other large airports, it's not the same. While I don't disagree that the same issues occur at other airports, Boston for example has something like 600+ flights a day. If there is an issue with your flight in Boston, odds are you can get out on another flight that same day. At ORH we only have I think 5 flights a day spread out among the different airlines. Run into an issue here odds are you are either waiting until the next day to fly out or being re-scheduled to Boston or Providence.

We all want ORH to be successful but as currently set up, it will never be. I live 3 f*#king miles from ORH. Do you really think I'd rather fly out of Boston or Providence if I didn't have to? Unfortunately, ORH is too unreliable at this point and the upcoming changes to the flight times make it even less likely I'll use the airport.

And if it bothers you that much that this airport has a blog, why do you waste your time engaging with all of us? Apparently none of know what we are talking about anyways.
Bill Randell said…
Management would rather have nobody question them and pretend everything is going well.

Truth is "we all want ORH to be successful", but we realize there are problems and want them to be fixed so that it will actually be successful.

Common Sense said…
This blog does more to promote the airport than Massport does. We all want the airport to thrive. If we didn't, we wouldn't take time out of our busy days to participate in these discussions.
Doug said…
So, ORH fan's logic is that with only 5 flights a day, the airlines have to be perfect. Good luck with that. You and everyone else might as well fly out of BOS. Give up airline service and make the place a super hub for amazon. I dont argue with everyones passion to see ORH succeed. Im with you, but I go back to my original point, highlighting and memorializing issues publically in a blog is not the way to go about invoking change. Its akin to using shaming and bullying tactics. They dont work. In fact it hurts your efforts by driving business away if someone thinking about booking reads these posts. Based on his recent quotes about public bullying, its not going to change Justice Clarence Thomas's opinion on abortion either. And it doesnt seem to be working on Massport, the airlines, or City Hall for that matter with your posts and comments on Polar Park. I think their "management" style is following Justice Thomas' s lead to not acquiesce to bully tactics. Oh.... wait.... I just had an aha moment. Thats why these people arent engaging with you in your blog! Im with them. Adios. Im going to miss Common Sense's whitty humor.
Bill Randell said…

All of this begs the question.

How would you invoke change?


Common Sense said…
Making insults and resorting to personal attacks is not the best way to express your point of view Doug. I hope you will continue to participate in the discussions on this blog.
Anonymous said…
Doug, on the bullying allegation causing the city to ignore what could be a fatal financial disaster with Polar Park and Massport on the need to market ORH, the city and MassPort have fiduciary obligations to the citizens of the city and state that pay the taxes that fund them.

They should be eager to address critics. Not have their panties in twist on their way to hiding under the bed until the mean tweets op. If you do not want to be challenged, don’t take big jobs with big salaries and lifetime pensions and free lifetime health insurance paid by taxpayers.