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Worcester To San Juan Roundtrip Under $250

 One Stop Fort Lauderdale on way down.

One stop JFK on the way back

No parking fees 

No tunnel

No traffic


Common Sense said…
Much cheaper out of Logan ($154), but as with Tampa you've got to consider the total cost.


Flight= $154
Parking= $120
Tolls/Gas= $40

Total= $350

At ORH: 3 minute walk from parking to terminal and quick TSA processing.

Worcester has a large Hispanic population that would find this flight attractive.

Mr.Davis set up a booth several years ago at the annual Hispanic Festival on the Common, but no marketing of this route since.
Bill Randell said…
Think you are low on parking. Central Garage is $38 per day. If gone for 7 days you are looking at over $250.
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, most of the people just look at the Ticket price and ignore the add on costs of flying out of Logan. If the City and Massport could just market ORH correctly, the airport would be a great asset to Central Mass.