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American No Ticket Online Answer From Andy Davis


Does this mean service is ending???

We have sent Andy Davis an email asking him for an answer??

now his answer:



Hi Bill,

We reached out to AA several weeks ago when their schedule was only loaded through March 9.  They assured us that they are not ending service and they’ll be loading beyond that date. They’ve since loaded the schedule through March 24, and they will be extending it further in an upcoming schedule update, which usually occurs on Saturday nights.   


Happy New Year,






Jeremy said…
If they are pulling out, 4 months is pathetic indeed. Two months of substandard service to Philly, and 2 months of untested service to JFK.
Anonymous said…
It seems as it still available to book till March 25th. After that, is not loading up.
But I've noticed that before with AA at ORH, it seems as they load their schedule for three months only. Philly flights where the same at one point.
Anonymous said…
Andy Davis needs to step it up! Massport should hire the owner of this blog.
Jeremy said…
That’s good news. Thanks for checking. I wish they would schedule out at least six months so people could book out.
Gary Samela said…
Didn't Andy say he was blindsided the last time AA pulled out? Maybe he has learned his lesson? Maybe Andy can tell us if Amazon has plans to open up a cargo facility at ORH? Maybe he can answer why some of his employees are leaking such information to some unnamed person posting that information on this blog?

So Massport has owned the airport for 11 years now. They have invested $100 million to make improvements. The result is we got 5 flights a day. Let's give him the manager of the year award. Also, I would be interested to know how much money per year Massport is losing running ORH.

Common Sense said…
The owner of this blog isn't qualified to run a newspaper stand. He appointed himself the "Czar" of Worcester Airport. He thinks everything that happens at ORH has to go through him. That's why he is so excited that someone that works at Massport returned his email. It gives him some legitimacy

Anonymous said…
This is a blog, not the New York Times. It posts observation about the airport or the ballpark and people have the option to comment or not to comment. The problem with comments, whether it be on this blog or on the local media, is the lack of civility and respect towards and for other commenters. I may not agree with your comments but I will not personalize my response and I wish more acted in this manner but unfortunately this is the direction society is heading. To the owner of the blog, please keep posting on these topics as well as others because if nothing else your topics are not out there anywhere else.