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Three Different Airlines To New York City



This is huge.   

Remember when we had three different airlines with three different destinations:

  1. Delta to Detroit
  2. American to Philadelphia
  3. JetBlue to JFk

Now we will have all three going to NYC:

  1. Delta to LaGuardia
  2. American to JFK
  3. JetBlue to JFK


We can market ORH as the place to get anywhere with Delta/American/JetBlue through NYC.   As we start seeing people using flights to get to locations like Orlando, you will see a direct Orlando flight.

 We are on the right track.  




Anonymous said…
Looks like a little time change too for delta. January 2022 there are different times between certain days where flights get to worcester and leave around 2pm and the time they leave now. They’re going to take advantage of American not taking that spot (they are moving earlier to around 330 some days)