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Deleted Common Sense Comments


First off we consider this blog alot of fun,  and hope somehow it makes a real difference in the City of Worcester.    Especially as we see the local newspapers coverage of business issues that we try to cover literally disappear.


We think it has???

Maybe not.    


Now for "Common Sense".   He, or she, has been posting for years,     We do not always agree with their  , but they have been fair.     Today "Common Sense" posted two comments, one of which calling another person, who does not hide behind a fake name, who comments on this blog a "dope".


We deleted them both......  


Anyone who comments anonymously  then attacks someone else who is not afraid to stand by their opinions is  the real "dope"and will have their comments deleted.      Too bad "Common Sense" did not have the guts to post comments with their real name???


Who is the real dope??



Gary Samela said…
My name is Gary Samela. I lived in Worcester for 26 years before I moved to Shrewsbury. I have been following the airport for 32 years. I did my senior project for my Urban Transportation class at Clark University on ORH. I even used to attend the Worcester Airport Commission meetings. Maybe saying "dope" was too strong of a word. My point is that taxpayers have been footing the bill for ORH for years through federal grant money. We're talking about tens of millions of dollars. Even if Massport was funding all these improvements out of their own budget, it's money they could be using to make improvements at Logan (the airport that most of the residents in Central Mass use for their travel needs). I'll be more respectful with my comments.
Bill Randell said…
Nice to have you on board Gary Samela. Truth be told Dave Z can be a "dope" at times but as long as he knows who is calling him a "dope". I am fine with it.


I understand your point, but MassPort has made the business decision to invest in this 2nd "reliever" airport and especially since it is not cost us Worcester taxpayers anything, I am very good with that.

Only good things ahead for ORH.
Bill Randell said…

Send me your senior project. I will post it??

Gary Samela said…
I wish I still had it. I did it in 1991. Maybe it wasn't very good because I got a B- on it.