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.I am a residential AND a commercial (two times -real estate and personal property) taxpayer who believes the City taxes are excessive to begin with.Initially I was ambivalent to the building of the ballpark when they said it would not cost any existing tax dollars. 

Since the article about how parking was hurting the businesses and I have spoken with people who have gone to a few games my position has changed. I have realized From a business perspective the City just built a $160 million cash register, Polar Park, for theWooSox which is competing with small business for food and beverage spending. 

Now you tell me my tax payments are going to support this activity, I am now totally against the ballpark as should every taxpayer, especially small businesses.





Common Sense said…
The only reason the team came to Worcester was the City's financing of the stadium. They were more than willing to stay in Pawtucket if the politicians in RI went along. The only other option the City had was to let those blighted lots stay there for the next 50 years. Most of the restaurants in the Canal District have changed hands three times because the previous owners couldn't make a go of it. Some have re-branded. That means that the original idea didn't work so the owners went to Plan B. (which has an even less chance of success). Your quick to point out the problems. What is your solution?
Anonymous said…
If and when I see some construction other than the publically funded ballpark and garage I will call this project a success. The field of dirt across the street from the ballpark is not much of an improvement, The $175 million ballpark does look better than what was there but will it be worth a $175 million public investment, time will tell. Most of the economists say it is not, we will see if Worcester is the exception. On a side note at least we can claim that we have the most expensive minor league ballpark. Where do we put that on our trophy case?
Anonymous said…
The only reason that anyone with money and a business comes to Worcester is that the City hands out enormous TIFs like candy and then raises the astronomically high commercial tax rate on the businesses already here that don’t have something to promise to the insiders.

The city should remember that these other businesses aren’t necessarily trapped here. Shrewsbury with its low single tax rate is just across the lake and Auburn is just a block down Southbridge St..

Of course, if you WANT Worcester to become a zone full of unemployed people, it is a brilliant strategy. It also keeps the city officials in the money with salaries, bennies and free health care for life.