Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Gold Block Real Estate on Hank Show


Project will take 20 to 24 months.   So it will probably take longer..

How long will Table Talk take?

How about Madison???




In other words monies from the DIF are going to be very light (as in 0) the first few years from private development.

How does this look on the Pro Forma??    

Oh yeah we do not have one to look at.........




Anonymous said…
The City will be too busy trying to solve the parking issue caused by the ballpark that is blowing up and they can't get to producing a pro forma right now. They will get around to it when they need more money for over runs , but only if someone asks.
Anonymous said…
Just wait until the parking fiasco that is destroying the businesses that pay taxes (and the enormous and discriminatory commercial rate because the greedy and cowardly city councilors vote the lowest residential rate to keep their lifetime paid health insurance and salaries) do not have the revenue that funded meals tacpxes that the city collects.

Yeah, start the game at 5:30 so fans got right from work to the ballpark and take the parking from these businesses while not having time to stop for a meal or a beer outside the work. It’s almost like someone designed this to destroy the small businesses near the ballpark.

But don’t worry, they will all be replaced by subsidized extreme low income housing that is tax exempt like the higher complex ore placing the tax paying Table Talk employer.
Anonymous said…
Generally in the City it is the residence versus business, a perfect example is the Amazon warehouse at Greendale Mall. In this instance, and I not thought I would see this happen, the City pissed off both the small businesses and the residence of the Canal District.
I read an article that the City is thinking about reducing the rates at Union Station Garage for Canal District residents. Totally reactionary because they did not think the parking situation through. If they do, and renters can afford these costs, what does that say to those who have been renting space in the garage at what I presume to be a higher cost? Are they going to now piss off a new constituency ?
Anonymous said…
Dramatically over budget, ugly facade, no development and now no parking.
Great job! Watch, someone will get a promotion!
Common Sense said…
I think the lot across from Mr. Rucker's hockey rinks would be a good place for a private garage, but I think he has plans for another residential tower there.Also, if the City is ever able to get retail tenants in the four slots on the side of the Union Station garage facing the Canal District that would also reduce parking there at key times. If you look at a place like Newbury Street in Boston there are three private garages (one valet) along the street. You also have some on-street parking and the Arlington Green Line station is in close walking distance.