Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

JetBlue: 1 Fort Lauderdale and 2 NYC

August 20th one flight per day to NYC

October 21st JetBlue starts two flights per day to NYC


7:00  AM  ORH to JFK   7:55  AM

2:29 PM  JFK to ORH   3:31  PM

6:10P<  ORH to JFK   7:02 PM

9:30PM JFK  to  ORH  10:30PM 

October 22nd


6:00AM ORH to FLL   9:09AM

8:PM FLL to ORH   11:32PM

Two flights with one airline carrier per day to their hub is much better than three airlines with one flight to their hub.   Not to mention these times are awesome and the planes are CAT III equipped.  

Great day for Worcester Airport and it did not cost us taxpayers $175 million dollars, our estimate for final cost of Polar Park!!!!

*** Sidenote:  Dave Z, Mike O'Brien was fan of slots parlor--another great idea.

Thank you Mike O'Brien for selling Worcester Airport and getting the City of Worcester out of non-essential businesses.  If we still owend,  we would have neither commercial services nor the 100+ million of infrastructure improvements.  Not to mention the $2,000,000 per year taxpayer subsidy

Here are few other businesses we should not be in:

  1. Golf courses
  2. Train Stations
  3. Convention Centers
  4. Civic Centers
  5. Baseball stadiums

Again great day for Worcester.   

Some will say we did not get Orlando back, but we would you will get to Orlando quicker on the 7:00AM flight to JFK connecting to Orlando then you wold with the old times.


Bottom line

  1. Two flights to NYC, with connections to entire route map will make this a profitable route for JetBlue.  Huge improvement over the one flight!!
  2. the times for FLL are now much better, not to mention connections to points South; for example, Puerto Rico-Hait-DR




Anonymous said…
The only thing that concerns me is the late ones. The early JFK flight always had problems with mechanical issues or something along those lines so hopefully that isn’t the case this time around
Bill Randell said…
Have just one flight to NYC was huge problem then coming back so late. This mid day turn changes everything!!!

Anonymous said…
I have forgotten about O'Brien. Now that you resurrected his name one has to wonder what the WooSox deal would have looked like if he was negotiating for the City.
Anonymous said…
These such edibles are MUCH better for travelers. For biz users the NYC route habpving two options each way is hugely helpful and more realistic for how biz travelers actually fly.

The FLL times are awesome. You land in FLL and get to have a nearly full day of vacation for the hotel night you are paying for and get a nearly full day of vacation before the return trip. This is much better for families. We often chose Logan or PVD instead of ORH because the flight tomFlorida left so late in the day, costing us a hotel night just because we got in so late, especially if there was any sort of delay, and you lost the last day to traveling back. This is much more attractive.

I predict these routes will succeed because they are much more geared to consumer needs and finally present a viable alternative to BOS and PVDfor reasons other than just the hassle free factor that ORH has.
Common Sense said…
Still wouldn't feel comfortable risking an important business meeting in NYC or a $10,000 Caribbean vacation by flying out of an airport with three flights per day. Potential clients really don't care how you get to their NYC boardroom. They just wan't you there on time. If American or Delta don't come back then what do we have to look forward to? Maybe we get one or two Breeze flights two years down the road. Not worth keeping the lights on.
Anonymous said…
Mike O’Brien would have been shaking Larry Lucchinomby his ankles to shake out the promised payments already and had Dowdly buried in the hole that should have been the foundation for his promised development.