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We Still Do Not Own The Land That Polar Park Is Being Built On

It is true that Madison signed a deed transferring Polar Park land to the City of Worcester and it has been recorded.   So we own it, right??


Maybe in name only, but we would not consider it a clear title.  




Until the LFB (Left Field Building) site is conveyed to Madison, then and only then will we truly own the land (WG North).      That will not happen until an LDA (Land Disposition Agreement) is agreed upon and signed.   

As of today the LDA has not been finalized.   

 ***  two months ago it was suppose to be done any day??? ***




If the City and Madison can not come to an agreement, Madison can "unilaterally" record a deed transferring the ballpark land back to themselves!!!   


Remember the escrow deed.....   

We do not have clear title to the land...  




Anonymous said…
This project is like watching a David Copperfield magic show, misdirection. They want you to look at shiny new $130 plus million dollar park while they take your wallet. In the end, the WooSox and Madison will probably make money and the taxpayers will be left picking up the tab.
Anonymous said…
I don't know if I should trust Ed or not. I don't trust either the WooSox or Madison because their motivation is the bottom line which flies to the contrary of the City's financial interest.