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Breeze Founder Neeleman Target Market


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Neeleman said in a statement that Breeze will be flying to airports and destinations “that bigger airlines overlook.” Generally, these are places that don’t have direct flights, especially from larger airports, are secondary airports for major cities, or require at least one (or more) stops or modes of transportation in order to get there.

“I would be very surprised if a single [Breeze] route had non-stop service competition. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of city pairs that are crying out for non-stop flights,” Neeleman said.

Routes have not yet announced, but according to The Points Guy, the first routes will most likely be easily accessed from Breeze’s hub in Salt Lake City, Utah. “It’s really just trying to find a cluster. You can’t be popping all over the place. We’re working on a couple of airports and we’ll see who actually comes to the to the party,” Neeleman said. “We don’t want to spread ourselves too thin.”





David Z. said…
ORH is over 2300 miles to Salt Lake City. The article states he’s looking to sites that are easily accessible to Salt Lake City. Doesn’t sound like Worcester will be one of the cities with flights any time soon, if at all.
Bill Randell said…
They will start more towards Salt Lake City but they are coming this way. Dave Neeleman knows the value of Northeast to Florida routes. Not to mention connecting to points South of that with Azul.