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Breeze Airways: Example Of A flight From Worcester

 Breeze most likely will not fly daily flights to the same city, but probably 3 or 4 time per week to one destination and the other days to another destination:

 Here is an example of a

  • 4 days per week to a Florida Gulf Coast destination
    1.  St Pete's
    2.  Punta Gorda
    3.  Bradenton
  • 3 days per week to a Florida Atlantic Coast Destination
    1. Melbourne
    2. Sanford
    3. Daytona


Fly out every morning..   

Come back at night... 


David Z. said…
Sounds like the former Direct Air model.
Anonymous said…
Hopefully we will get flights back to ORH and flights to vacation destinations like in Florida will depart early morning and return at night.

The flights that we had were essentially all at the wrong times (aside form JetBlue to JFK departure at 6am) yet they managed to succee
D because people,e strove to avoid Logan Airport.