Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Skanska Letter Again

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Read 5th paragraph
  • We have processed more than 478 RFI's from bidders
  • There have been an additional 484 RFI's from the JV
  • the designer's unfamiliarity with MGL Ch 149a procedures and requirements
  • Just the email traffic alone form DAIQ (designer) is overbearing
  • Resulting coordination with the JV is more than any other 149a project in my 40 year of construction

After reading this letter, if we were to tell you that the OPM (Skanska) was seeking $785,000 in cost overruns, while the designer (DAIS) was seeking $998,060 in overruns, and one would be granted their full request and other would only have $150,000 allowed.   

Which would you think got their full request?


DAIQ got their full request  ($998,060)

Skanska got $150,000 of their $785,000 request


David Z. said…
Meanwhile on a better note, the PawSox officially ended their 50 year partnership with Pawtucket as of January 31st. They must be very certain the new stadium in Worcester will be ready for opening day! Play ball !
Bill Randell said…
We are hearing that the stadium actually be open for next year opening day..

Also hearing that the current cost overruns are in the 15 million dollar range..

It will be interesting to see if Larry and his group pick up this tab.....

David Z. said…
It’s in the agreement that they do pick up any more cost overruns.
Bill Randell said…
Dave it was in the agreement to pay their first $3,000,000 by last December. How is that working out???
David Z. said…
Maybe they’re planning to apply that 3 Mil to the cost overrun. 😀
Anonymous said…
I don't see the WooSox picking up one cent of additional money more than they signed on for. Why should they? They have the city over a barrel!

The city is finishing the ballpark. What re they going to do with it if the team says it can't afford to play f they have to pick up cost over-runs? Its a better deal for the team to just fold, or redo a deal with Pawtucket or another city. What could Worcester possibly do that will get it back its $130,000,000 (maybe $145,000,000)? Nothing.

The WooSox will play hardball. Bet on that. They hold ALL of the cards.

No Worcester politician is going to admit defeat either. The cheerleading will continue. Its not their money. Expect big tax increases as the ancillary development that was supposed to raise new tax revenue on the new buildings is not happening due to the Covid situation. The only other way to raise money is to tax the existing taxpayers (that haven't fled to FL, TX or other low tax places).