Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

2 Plymouth-85 Green-5-7-8 Gold Street

 WRA sold these properties to Gold Block Real Estate for $3,150,000

Book 66660 Page 36


Note attached from WRA minutes

The WRA acquired these properties for $5,797,873. 

And who paid for the building demolition????

How can we say that we made $3,150,000 from the sale???


Anonymous said…
After to listening to the Hank Stoltz interview with Professor Matheson I went to find the lease on the City website. After over an hour searching, the website is not easy to search, I found it on an old City Council agenda. What I was looking for was the lease payment schedule to try to figure out how much the bond payments will be. Professor Matheson stated the WooSox pay about a third. What I found was a map of the district and these properties don't appear to be in the ballpark district. Is that correct?