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Worcester Patch Column Today On Apartment Projects

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Artic Block             364

Table Talk               400

Cove                        300

Fairway Beef           105

Total            1169 Units

That is not counting Madison across from Polar Park or any of the other projects..     

Bet if we add them all up it will exceed 2000 units???


Anonymous said…
Is it me or does it seem that these projects are either downsized or delayed? Is this because of construction costs or interest rates?
Anonymous said…
I wonder how many of those projects had some type of economic incentives thrown at them with the original units and opening dates, which were used to make up the financial plan that had the residents not eating any costs of said handouts and the grand plan. I wonder what creative fees and other increases we will see in next years round of budgeting to handle the shortfalls of the promised financial picture painted by the leaders at the time
Anonymous said…
I have lived on Grafton Hill my entire life and from memory this is at least the fourth time a housing development has been announced by the City yet there is not one apartment there. I just hope I live long enough to see the City prove me wrong, but I am not counting on it.