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Two of Worcester's Largest Law Firms May Be Moving


Bowditch & Dewey

Fletcher, Tilton & ???

Hearing both are leaving their Main Street Headquarters.   Guess not surprising since neither has any ties to ownership of these buildings.

Good news is that they are most likely moving to other space downtown like the Mercantile building.


Anonymous said…
Lot of stuff on Main Street has become run down in a way it seems like. Whether it’s on or near Main Street, lots of places have moved, closed, or left the city. The RMV was the biggest notable one but the building was in disrepair but a lot of businesses near polar park have had to mostly close or move because of increase in property taxes and loss of parking spaces and loss of business with the stadium there. Mercantile thought will now seem more likely to actually be filled because the other businesses near polar park will leave in a potential cheaper move to a newer (less than 10-15 year old) location. Plus, the construction on Main Street has taken a lot longer than it seems which has also killed some businesses on Main Street.

Anyone know on a start date with construction work at Worcester airport though? Can’t find anything on it. Obviously know it’s suppose to be this year but when exactly??