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Schedule Question

Looking at the schedules below.  

Are these schedules being built to generate success and build upon itself????

We don' t see that as being the case......       

The success of these routes are not as important as the appearance.   Even if they have awful loads and lose money we will probably not see them cancelled????   


2:59 PM  LaGuardia   to 4:11PM  Worcester

5:23 PM Worcester      to   6:26 PM LaGuardia


12:03 PM  JFK      to     1:11 PM ORH

1:52   PM  ORH    to     2.59  PM  JFK


Fort Lauderdale

4:24 PM  FLL to  7:26 PM ORH

8:45 PM ORH  to  12:03 AM FLL


6:00 AM  ORH to   7:13 AM JFK

12:10 PM JFK  to   1:18 PM  ORH

1:52 PM  ORH to    2:59 PM JFK

2:29 PM JFK  to     3:29 PM ORH


Anonymous said…
I still believe that in the case of AA and Delta that they are only at ORH to get leverage with Massport for whatever they want to do at Logan. The AA flight loads especially are horrible and Delta isn't looking so great either. There's no way they are making money on these flights.

I think the JetBlue JFK flights aren't doing better because for one, the pricing is ridiculous. I had looked at booking ORH to West Palm Beach on JetBlue and with a checked bag it was going to be over $600 roundtrip. I ended up booking out of Providence for less than half of that on Delta plus my Delta Amex card gets me free checked bags, priority boarding etc. I get into West Palm Beach mid/late morning too. The Delta ORH flight was also more expensive and doesn't get me into West Palm until late at night. It's just not that appealing.
Anonymous said…
JetBlue’s case and Delta’s case could be aircraft availability. Delta I believe is getting rid of their CRJ-200s and that means more routes will require the 700 and 900 so that could be a factor. For JetBlue, it’s not really for the JFK flight because there are plenty of E190s that fly out of JFK (E190 is used for BOS-JFK and BOS-DCA and those are hourly flights). Not many E190s fly though down to Fort Lauderdale which is why we’re seeing the A320 being used (that and high demand) but there’s a bunch of factors when it comes to scheduling. How many crews does an airline have? How many pilots are we getting? How many are retiring? What seasonal winter routes will be open? What summer routes are done? What routes will have the new A220? There’s a lot of factors that go into it. Plus, every JetBlue flight schedule has changed involving aircraft and everything like that not just Worcester. It changes every 1-3 months so we’re just stuck on this end for now until it’s a mid day turn again soon (February 16th)
Anonymous said…
^another thing I forgot to mention, don’t forget JetBlue is renovating all of their A320s to the newer designs so that means less aircraft available. Lots of them are getting re done interiors
and repainted
Anonymous said…
Is anyone else having problems getting True Blue points awarded for legs flown on AA but booked through JetBlue?

I’m Mosaic and I have to call multiple times every single time and it takes almost 90 days with AA rejecting the request from JB at least once