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PILOT Program????

 Recently it seems there has been alot talk about PILOTs:

  • Payment
  • In
  • Lieu
  • Of 
  • Taxes

You know making the colleges, who do not have pay real estate taxes according to Mass General Law, make a payment in lieu of taxes.....   

We got a better question, instead of making institutions that are not legally required to pay real estate taxes, make a PILOT payment.       Why not make for profit businesses that lease tax-payer owned properties pay real estate taxes, which they are legally required to do???   

For example;

  1. WooSox at Polar Park
  2. Madison at the parking garage

We collect real estate taxes on other city owned properties leased to for profit businesses:

  1. Union Station
  2. Parking garage across from DCU


Anonymous said…
Because the owners of those untaxed businesses are on the short favorite insiders list at city hall because they fleeced the city in negotiations. The city wanted the ballpark so much that it gave them the keys to the city treasury.

The rest of us suckers get to pick up the tab.
Anonymous said…
A business which should be paying taxes doesn't. A tax exempt organization which does not have to pay taxes should. Only in Worcester.