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New Haven Tweed Airport Route Map

 No reason ORH route map should not be the same


Anonymous said…
There could be a future where it’s like that but a lot will need to go into it just to have the smallest chance. More advertisements, more work done to the airport, more parking spots, there’s definitely potential but a lot needs to be done. Massport and Worcester airport is really going to have to focus on how they want the airport to run. Not like who runs it but where they fly too. Do they cater to leisure travelers? Do they cater to business travelers? Do they do both? We know ORH has success as a leisure destination airport but with business travel it’s a little different. There’s a lot of discussion to be done and planning. If they do both it’s a stretch and we’ve seen over the past couple of years the NYC flights not making airlines money but the Florida flights even with bigger planes and almost double the seats, still making money and has been successful.