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Left Field Building Site


One of the buildings we need to help pay for Polar Park.    
What is the latest on this??

From the Telegram

As far as we can tell no taxes are being paid on this site, not to mention Polar Park or the Parking Garage.    

Lucchino basically wants something new every season so fans still get excited to come to the ballpark and experience something different. Plans are already in the works for 2023, and he’s excited about the upgrades and additions.

Until the city’s developer finds a tenant, the building planned for beyond the left field wall is on standby. The foundation is ready to go, but until construction begins, the team will utilize the space for its fans in a few unique ways.

The most popular likely will be the tailgate area. Lucchino explained between 25 and 30 vehicles will be allowed to tailgate before, during and after games while still being able to see the field.


Anonymous said…
From the City's website it looks like the property is still under the name of the Worcester Redevelopment Authority. First and foremost I thought the land was transferred to the developer along time ago. If the Worcester Redevelopment Authority still owns it I hope they get the revenue and don't just give it to the WooSox like everything else including advertising on City property!