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JetBlue Schedule Very Good Right Now

 Have not done this in some time

Fort Lauderdale

8:10 AM ORH to 11:29 AM FLL

4:20 PM  FLL to  7:22 PM ORh



6:00 AM  ORH to   7:13 AM JFK

12:10 PM JFK  to   1:18 PM  ORH

1:52 PM  ORH to    2:59 PM JFK

2:29 PM JFK  to     3:29 PM ORH

***  We need direct flight to Orlando to come back

Someone help me here which planes are JetBlue using for these flights.  

Believe the Airbus  320 for FLL and the Embraer 190 for JFK????

Anyone any updates on how these flights are doing

*** Footnote:   Wife and daughter could not get ticket out to Florida this holiday season out of Worcester and had to fly out of Providence.   Bad news for them but good new for Worcester?  


Anonymous said…
Those schedules are ideal. Hopefully they won’t be changed to unworkable ones.

Anonymous said…
Hate to burst the bubble but tomorrow they switch the schedule.
JetBlue’s JFK flight remains around the Same time for both flights and uses an E190. The FLL flight changes and uses an A320 still.

There’s some changes depending on the day but the change is the flight will leave FLL at 4:20pm or 4:55pm and arrive at ORH at 7:22pm or 7:57pm. Then the flight back down leaves ORH at 8:10pm or 8:45pm and gets down there at 11:30pm or 12:03am the next day. The schedule remains in effect till the middle/end of February.

While it is a little crappy, one benefit of the schedule is you have more time in FLL or wherever you may be on your last day. I’m taking the flight home in 2 weeks and I like how I won’t have to wake up extremely early to get to the airport and can pack and still get lunch and not be rushed to the airport. Flying down may suck but at least for most people, you don’t need to take a day off of work just to fly down and you can work your normal day then go to the airport to fly down to Florida (I know some people who have told me they will do this that have condos or other homes down there.

While it is crappy for families, I still think it’s not a bad thing. The one luxury we have with that flight is it’s the cheapest flight that’s not spirit to go from New England to FLL and people have been using it (I think my flight coming home in 2 weeks would overbook a E190 plane and has over 100 seats sold) so I truly believe people will still use it and it will still be popular.

One thing to keep an eye on is schedule and plane changes. When the rehab work begins on runway 29/11, that runway will have to close and planes will have to use runway 15/33. That runway obviously doesn’t have a Cat III landing system but I have seen the JetBlue E190s land and takeoff from there. Also seen the American E175s land and take off and Delta’s CRJ700 land (have never seen it takeoff from that runway). Schedules could change because if they have the JetBlue Am JFK flight stay, they could have the airlines move their schedules around so planes can’t land from 7am to 3pm but we will have to wait and see what comes out (I believe they can’t do overnight work on it)