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JetBlue boosts Heathrow service with daytime flight from JFK

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Here is interesting part:

The daytime flights also typically serve a very different customer market than the redeye routes. On the US side, JetBlue can only offer same-day connections from a handful of cities (Boston, Worcester, Buffalo, Rochester) as well as a few redeye connections from the West coast. Many of those customers are better served by nonstop options, however. JetBlue will need to fill these planes with passengers originating in NYC, not connections. The carrier already operates with a higher share of traffic on point-to-point flights rather than connecting. The daytime flight to London will test the company’s ability to profitably fill the planes with those passengers.


Anonymous said…
In other news, even though it’s very far out, delta is going back to a mid day flight on June 5th. Flight will leave LGA at 10:45am and schedule to arrive at ORH at 12:00. Then leave ORH at 12:58 and get back to LGA at 2:10pm. American and JetBlue’s flight to JFK won’t change that much for now. The FLL flight moves times on 2/16. Back to an afternoon run from ORH down to FLL. Honestly wish they moved the time back to what it originally was when the E190 was around. Getting down there at 830am was great and not leaving till 845pm was nice too because then you could spend all day down there at the beach and you really had a bonus day in a way and gained a day more than lost it.
Bill Randell said…
Thanks for schedule updates
Rusty said…
B6 2119 goes back to a 6AM departure from KORH in June and stays that way as far as the schedule is made. B6 2020 obviously goes back to a late night arrival at the same time.
Anonymous said…
That is true Rusty, but I haven’t fully believed that schedule yet because it says the E190 aircraft is operating it. It would be kinda dumb for JetBlue to downgrade the plane when the A320 has been very successful especially in the beginning of the summer. Plus, JetBlue has been changing the schedule (remember, originally the A320 was only suppose to last until September 2022) so I think It’ll change again for the times but hopefully I’m wrong and they just change the aircraft