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Comment: FLL Doing Well

 Taking the flight from FLL to ORH today, only 5 coach seats left and 21 even more space seats left as well. Wouldn’t surprise me if there’s standby passengers that it’s a sold out flight with the regular coach seats potentially. 

Regardless 136/162 seats paid for and booked is really good for Worcester. That’s 83.9% flight load which on an E190 aircraft would be overbooked by 36 seats. Might be safe to say that the A320 aircraft change on busy days certainly is paying off, especially when flights if you book them in advance are a lot cheaper since more seats are available. 

When the data comes out for the months since the A320 has taken over, If the percentage is higher than 61.7%, then that means the flights are being booked more than when the E190 aircraft did the flight (E190 has 100 seats, A320 has 162 and 100/162 is 61.7).