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American Airline ORH Schedule


12:03 PM  JFK      to     1:11 PM ORH

1:52   PM  ORH    to     2.59  PM  JFK

Anyone hearing how this flight is doing????

We really need another direct flight to 2nd Florida Destination (Orlando) or Puerto Rico.   


Anonymous said…
I can't imagine that the AA flight is doing any good. You have to make 2 and sometimes 3 connections to get anywhere decent if flying AA out of ORH.

The Delta flight isn't that great either. It's gets into LaGuardia too late so you miss most connection opportunities and then the connections that you can make don't get you to your destination until very late at night.

If AA switched to Charlotte for example I think that would be much more successful. Delta either needs to be an earlier flight or switched to Atlanta to be successful.

This new Fort Lauderdale schedule isn't looking so great either.

I just booked flights to Florida out of Providence. It was about half the cost of going out of ORH, my layover in Atlanta is much less than than if I went on the JetBlue flight through JFK, and I get to my destination much earlier in the day. Plus if you pre-book, you can get parking at TF Green for $12 or $16 per day depending on where you park. I don't mind the hour drive to TF Green when I'm paying less for my flight and have a much better schedule to choose from.

ORH is losing a ton of business with the mediocre flight options we have. If the airlines could just make some adjustments to their schedules they could be successful here. Then again, I do believe part of the reason they are at ORH is to kiss up to Massport to get what they want at Logan, especially in the case of AA and Delta. They don't even seem to be making even the slightest attempt to be successful here.
Anonymous said…
The delta flight seems to actually not be bad. Although it’s a late departure time, the arrival time isn’t bad. Probably sitting around 50% loads but during the holiday rush it was probably higher.

American really needs to change the destination, JFK is not an American hub. Washington DC, Charolette, or Philadelphia would be the most ideal destinations. Another issue however, is families don’t want layovers. Most won’t take advantage if it’s a business wise destination (might be an exception if Delta went to Atlanta). We will have to wait till 2024 at the earliest for a new flight but hopefully American can change the destination.

One thing american does have for itself, is unlike JetBlue or delta, it’s rarely late going to ORH
Unknown said…
I flew Jet Blue LAX to JFK and then American JFK to ORH.

The connection at JFK worked great with the new shuttle between terminal 5 and 8. Easy and couldn't have been much smoother.

My flight into ORH was uneventful, which is a great thing. Time from landing to deplaning, to getting luggage to catching my ride was about 10 minutes total.

My return was pretty much the same experience. Good news is because the airport is so small there is zero stress and everything is super easy. Bad news is I'm not sure how American can continue the flight. When the plane arrived from JFK I counted 12 people who deplaned. On my flight out of ORH there were about 25-30 people. Not great numbers. I hope the numbers pick up so the service can continue and expand. Would love to continue using ORH when returning to the area to visit friends and family.