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Airport Comment


I for one, only fly out of ORH every time I can. The convenience alone is just too much to pass, and cost sometimes might be a little high due to the extremely low number of flight options, but prices are often lower than other airports as well. JetBlue was just selling Fort Lauderdale flights for $55 last week. T

The problem I see is on the flight schedules. 

  • Delta should be flying to Atlanta at least x2 daily to be able to provide decent connecting options for flyers; 
  • if Delta wants to keep the LaGuardia flight, it would need to have an earlier departure out of ORH. 
  • AA should be flying to Charlotte or DCA and not JFK. 
  • JetBlue needs to bring back the flight to Orlando. 
  • FLL will be back to an earlier schedule next month.


Editor's Note:   We agree.   These basic changes would make big difference!!!


Anonymous said…
There are a handful of other apartment projects, each with hundreds of units approved.

271 by Lundgren on Shrewsbury St behind Mexicali, down the street from the 371 units at the Mt Carmel sirpte, but without a parking garage.

There are another 200 plus across th street from the courthouse units. Wynn’s project at Linciln Square, a plantation st project of hundreds more units

Then there is currently languishing buildings downtown that had units approved but not built.