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Florida jetBlue Flights During Holidays

 Wife tried last week to get JetBlue flights to Boca (FLL).

Could not find two seats on same plane, so she booked out of Providence.

Good news is that these flights out of Worcester are full.

Bad news is that these flights out of Worcester are full


Anonymous said…
I was looking to book a flight out of Worcester to Orlando on JetBlue in January. I had 3 options: Option #1 would have required a 5 hour layover at JFK. Option #2, while a bit better still would require a 3 hour layover at JFK. Option #3 had a much shorter layover at JFK but didn't get me into Orlando until 10pm. So, I am most likely going to fly out of Providence instead. It's a nonstop flight, gets me into Orlando before 11am, and it's $100 cheaper than the best option out of Worcester. I hope someone from the airlines at Worcester read this blog because there are many of us that would prefer to fly out of Worcester but the current flight offerings just don't seem that attractive for the most part.
Anonymous said…
^ I’m trying to do the same thing and running into the same issue. I wish they brought that flight back because it would be so much more convenient. ORH is too much $ and not as worth it compared to driving to Providence or BDL and doing a non stop there. Plus they offer morning flights that get you down there before 1pm