Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Community Preservation Act


Before we ask for more monies from the taxpayers.

Can someone tell me us:

Why are for profit businesses leasing Polar Park 

and the Parking Garage not paying real estate taxes???


Anonymous said…
Don't ask questions just pay your taxes and move on. I hope people think about what this does before they vote.
Anonymous said…
Does this mean that we can eliminate the downtown BID (Business “Improvement” District) that adds on its own tax to make the area around the Common “better”?

Some tax hogs want to add a BID to Tatnuck Sq and other neighborhoods. Presumably on TOP on the CPA tax and the soon to be increased residential and commercial taxes.

Don’t the zealots demanding more taxes realize that this puts gasoline on the fire that is the lack of affordable housing?

It’s like driving a car with a foot jammed down on the accelerator and another jammed down on the brakes. You aren’t going anywhere, but you are destroying the vehicle that you are sitting in. Why don’t they get this? How does someone like that get elected?