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 (This is not a bashing post or meant to be one) remember how ORH fan, Rusty, and others on this (including myself) have talked about how the delta flight is at a horrible time and if you wanted to go to Florida you wouldn’t get there till after 11pm? 

Well someone listened to it to make it more appealing. Who though? 

JetBlue! Good news is JetBlue has extended the A320 once again all the way now to May 3rd (I predicted in the past it would be a permanent switch until an A220 can do the flight and I’m still sticking with that. They’re going to extend it further and won’t mention anything), but the schedule is so bad between January 3rd and February 15th that you would actually get to Fort Lauderdale on delta before you would get there with the non stop JetBlue flight. 

From those dates, the flight goes from FLL to ORH at 4:20pm and arrives at 7:22pm. Then it leaves worcester at 8:10pm and gets back to FLL at 11:29pm. To compare it to delta, you would arrive 22 minutes earlier even with a connection at LGA if you went through them. I don’t get why it’s that late but the flight prices out of Worcester might be appealing enough since some days in October, November, and December it’s $55 to go down there. 

It goes back to a normal schedule like it is now after February 15th. But it’s a huge blow because for example January 9th I was going to go down on the early am flight but now it’s either sacrifice a whole day down there and fly out late Monday or fly out Sunday and change plans for that day. 

Only crappy thing is the day before the flight leaves Worcester at 8:45pm and doesn’t get there till 12:03am the next day. Fortunately for me hotels are not a huge issue since I have family that lives down there but for another family it can be a blow especially since some hotels at vacation destinations don’t have anyone there after 10/11pm to check people in (mainly family owned places)


Jeremy said…
Delta’s numbers have significantly improved over the last two weeks. The schedule change may not be such a bad thing.