Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Where Is Waldo List


Old list from April...   

1-2-3-6-8-9 still unknown

Going to add number 10

  1. Updated pro forma reflecting current costs of at least $159,500,000 and no development from Phase I
  2. An Auditor's report on the updated pro forma
  3. Final Costs of Polar Park.   It sure is more then $159,500,000.  We are guessing $175,000,000.
  4.  Completed LDA of  the Left Building Site.--DONE!!!
  5. When will Madison actually break ground on any of their projects??? THIS HAS OCCURRED
  6. Who is paying for Polar Park police details??   
  7. Where is  the new Polar park Commisson?  DONE THEY HAVE HAD MEETINGS
  8.  Are real estate taxes going to be paid on the $175 million ballpark which is being leased to a for profit organization.
  9. No taxes on the parking garage???? 
  10. Now that we have a seperate account for DIF income.  Can we get a simple Income and Expense report for Polar Park for this fiscal year to date.


Anonymous said…
The Telegram did an article about the mixed review to date on Polar Park. It was the closest they have come to reporting and I credit that to the fact that Kim Ring is listed as contributing to the article. Although there were not many comments the last one questioned will the project pay for itself. Summarizing the article and the comment The Polar Park project breaks down to two issues, 1) will the project enhance or hurt the Canal District (both businesses and residents) and 2) will the project pay for itself and not cause a tax increase or siphon off tax monies from somewhere else.