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Two Delta Comment from ORH Fan

We agree with both comments.

If we know this????

Got to really question if anyone at Massport of Delta takes Worcester seriously??? 


If delta were serious they would have an am flight to LGA or ATL and mid-day turn around 3:30 or 4 either to LGA or ATL. Both to ATL would be preferred, but we should be able to support 2 daily flights to LGA. Problem with 1 flight is severely limits your options and of course with a 6 pm departure to LGA multiple connection options have been eliminated. I really wish they would give us a real shot at success. It does feel like they want to fail so they can tell MASSPORT that they tried.

Can't imagine what could be causing the lack of demand on the Delta flight....... Soon they will go to a reduced schedule. There's clearly demand here for flights to Florida as is evidenced by JetBlue putting a larger plane on the Fort Lauderdale route and I'm sure Delta/American would do quite well with a better departure time and/or flights to better hubs such as Atlanta or Charlotte. There must be a reason why we can't get decent service at ORH. It honestly defies logic in regard to the lack of flights up there. Massport needs to get their act together. I know at least half a dozen people (myself included) that would prefer to use ORH whenever possible but end up using either Boston or Providence because the options at ORH stink.



David Z. said…
It’s quite obvious MassPort isn’t taking ORH seriously. They could alleviate some of the air traffic from Logan but why bother when the Feds and the Commonwealth keeps funneling dollars to Logan.
Anonymous said…
I wish Andy Davis and Massport would have a community meeting at the airport with residents and city officials about what they want to see. If that was the case this is what should be targeted and by which airline:

Delta: Atlanta 2 flights daily (same schedule as JetBlue JFK flight)
United: Newark, great hub for that airline there and would pay off
Breeze: Charleston SC (they will specialize in it and will be successful wherever they fly from to here)
Southwest: Chicago or Baltimore (2 huge hubs they have that would have huge success, don’t forget the 2 free checked bags)
American: Washington DC (no doubter on this, move the JFK flight to here then you have a lot more potential)
JetBlue: Fort Myers. Where do the Red Sox play in spring training? Also, if players don’t make it to Boston, where do they go again?
Orlando I have skipped for this reason, two big airlines that could have a flight from worcester that would work are JetBlue and Southwest. Southwest also has a major presence in Orlando and they have flights non stop from Providence, Hartford, and Manchester, those flights are at extremely high capacities too (over 90%) so that could easily be successful with them. JetBlue has had past success with them as well so they could easily target them too.

Questions remain as too if officials are pushing for airlines for Worcester but also could there be another problem? One thing to think about is ORH only has 6 gates and 4 of them have ramps making 2 of them not ideal for handicap people. When I went on the LGA to ORH flight they didn’t have gate ramps at LGA and some people who were older and handicap were struggling to make it on the flight. So that could also be an issue. Also, when is that money they got to finish the rehab of runway 11/29 (the big one they use) going to be used? We still haven’t seen that yet either.
Anonymous said…
I would sacrifice all the flights to JFK if we got United to Newark. The connections from there are endless.
Anonymous said…
Just Flew out of ORH to Fort Lauderdale last Friday 09/09 and returned on Monday 09/12. Both flights completely full, not an empty seat on the A320. Demand is there, as the Fort Lauderdale flight is basically doing great. If only Delta had a decent schedule, and JetBlue decides to add more destinations along with American, ORH would thrive.
There is no reason ORH can't thrive as a relief airport to Logan. Manchester airport has lost a lot of flights since before the pandemic, ORH should be targeting that demographic. Unfortunately marketing has been awful so far.
Jeremy said…
Delta’s flight loads for today LGA-ORH 15 pax, ORH-LGA 15 pax, 15/69 = 22%. I know it’s a Tuesday but Delta’s numbers were much better just weeks ago. Could it be the new schedule? Hopefully someone is addressing this concern, if not I’m afraid the plug will be pulled on this flight. I’m a Delta guy, I would love to have service that makes sense.