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Rusty Comment

 ORH Fan’s unwillingness to use JetBlue is his own downfall to not being able to utilize KORH airport that he lives 3 miles from. Several options for flights to West Palm Beach on the dates specified for UNDER $120 each way & with 1 stop.  Same goes for Fort Myers on the dates specified. 1 stop to KRSW & will have you there by noontime. Not bad in my opinion. 

Sure bad experience can sour one’s taste in an airline but every airline has bad experiences. I’ve personally had unpleasant experiences on Delta/JetBlue/American/Southwest & Spirit yet I will continue to book on all if the price & times work out. Years and years in the aviation industry have taught me that the airlines not out to get you contrary to Popular belief.

 Just because you had a bad experience 2 years ago doesn’t mean your experience today can’t be flawless. I’d recommend he switch his flights to JB out of Worcester for both trips, and save quite a bit of money in the process. There’s an equally high chance he can end up having a bad experience on Delta as he can JetBlue.