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A320 For FLL Flight


Happened last week

Now we just need to hear Orlando direct flight will be back soon


Anonymous said…
Clearly you have not been reading your past comments.
I mentioned it a while ago that the A320 was switched for the summer. It went into effect July 7th (around there). As of right now it is going to be in effect till January 2nd however they’ve switched the date 4 times where they said the A320 would be at the airport till. First was till September, then November, then December, now January 2nd. It’ll most likely get pushed back further or be permanent because an article I posted about before mentioned that the A320s out of FLL may be permanent for those flights that use to use the E190 since JetBlue is ramping up the retirement of them (could also be a reason why we haven’t gotten the Orlando flight back).

I’m interested to see loads for it though. For example, tomorrow only 44 seats are booked (that’s less than 40%), so it’ll be interesting. Thanksgiving and Christmas looking good though.