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Anonymous said…
The City should have hired this guy. Being local he may have had an interest in negotiating a good deal. The one thing I took away from the video was that up until recently subsidies we're 1/3 of the costs. I think we re at 2/3. Finally, egos being a reason why politicians pursue subsidies. I would call it legacies regardless of the cost.
Anonymous said…
Every time you have a good post like this it sends me on an internet search. Before Polar Park the most recent minor league ballpark built was Las Vegas ball park. It happens to be the ballpark which we surpassed as the most expensive ballpark. From my 15 minutes of research I found out that the team is partially owned by Hughes (as in Howard) and the convention bureau has an 80 million naming rights contribution to the ball park. Additionally Las Vegas has a population of 650,000 and Henderson, which is right near Las Vegas, has a population of 250,000. What was the City thinking when it negotiated the deal with the WooSox?
Anonymous said…
The city wasn’t thinking when it negotiated the horrible deal with the WooSox. The city had deal fever and didn’t really care about the terms, obviously. The leaders anted the ballpark, no matter what.

Too bed we didn’t have our own Buddy Cianci.