Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Madison Washington Holdings

 As far as we can tell they hold title to two properties

  1. 149 Washington Street    280,000 assessed     $4,499 annual tax bill
  2. 115 Madison Street      711,600 assessed      $12,429 annual tax bill

Between the two under $17,000 per year...   These are the properties that are suppose to be generating the extra tax monies in the DIF to pay for the ballpark???   

Oh boy!!!!


Anonymous said…
Revenues under estimates and costs over budget! This is Worcester's version of the Big Dig, What ever happened to the City making millions from this project. Crickets!
Anonymous said…
It is being reported that the Sacramento Kings have purchased the Triple A affiliate Sacremento River Cats for $100 million. The amount would explain we the WooSox passed on the $50 million offer they received, especially with the attendance they are having. The ballpark which the River cars play in is the more important part of this story. According to Wikipedia, Sutter Health ballpark is being paid for with NO tax dollars. The City should have researched how Sacremento did it before they promised us it would not cost us any tax dollars.
Anonymous said…
Good news! This Week in Worcester reports the Kelley Square gas station is completed and has opened. The Bad news is I don't think it is in the Ballpark District so more good news, any additional taxes can support City services all tax payers can use.
Anonymous said…
A gas station reopening, this is newsworthy?
Anonymous said…
Its a Gulf station, Dunkin franchise, car wash and two new additional retail spaces for rent.

No TIF. No taxpayer money whatsoever.

Not in the ballpark DIF so its taxes go to the city's general fund. Which general fund appears to be needed to support the ballpark after all. I hope that is not true or is short-lived and the taxpayer funded/supported with TIFs galore development actually happens.
Anonymous said…
The gas station is newsworthy if you think about it in relation to the development paying for Polar Park. The gas station started after the development. It was demolished, rebuilt and opened before the first building is even framed.
Anonymous said…
Its also newsworthy because a contingent of 5 city councilors tried to ban constructions of gas stations in the city.

And the project did indeed demolish all of the old businesses and rebuild and expand them and added two new ones, all before the first of the Ballpark DIF projects started (except for the garage)