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Lease: PILOT Agreement

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Page 84 of the lease refers to a PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes).  Although we never realized a for profit business (WooSox) could do a PILOT????

The leases refers to Exhibit I, but when you go to page 84 of the lease



Anonymous said…
Both attendance and prices have increased coming to Worcester from Pawtucket so the WooSox must be extremely profitable. It defies logic and the law you posted that they don't pay taxes.
Anonymous said…
This whole thing,the ball park and the other development, appears to be a bad deal for us taxpayers. You find out with WooSox don't pay taxes and they receive more than the City for advertising revenue but these are just pieces of the puzzle as to how bad this is. I tried to read the lease, which is not the signed copy, and tried to figure out how bad it is but I could not because this is only part of the puzzle. This deal is bad but we don't how bad it is. One thing I am going to look at again is the capital plan in the lease. I think we are not done with paying for the ballpark.
Anonymous said…
Do you have a copy of the garage lease? I looked at the property records online and it seems it is only being taxed on the land not the garage.
Anonymous said…
I just looked at what you said about the PILOT Agreement, Exhibit I. In addition to that Exhibit G, the Public Access Plan, was not complete. Do you think anyone actually read this prior to voting it?