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JetBlue Schdule from Comments

 Schedule actually changed for the FLL flight. JetBlue is extending the A320 up at the airport now until the middle of December. The flight time is during the mid day, close to where it is now. 

October 30th, it’ll leave FLL at 1128am and arrive at ORH at 230pm. Then leave ORH at 315pm and arrive back at 631pm. It’ll stay that way until December 14th. Everything remains the same for now.   It’ll go back to early am in the middle of December however, don’t stick with that. 

This was an unannounced change and this is the second time they’ve done that. It is still a good change because more seats on an aircraft means cheaper flight tickets (some flights are $100 each way and that includes a carry on), it’s a mid day flight which is convenient for people flying out of both ORH and FLL to go there and from (so your not either waking up extremely early or arriving extremely late) and tickets should sell extremely well on it especially with free/cheap parking.