Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

In Ed We Trust

 Now that Ed has left the building.

Can Dave Z still say "In Ed We Trust?"


Common Sense said…
I guess the state is wasting no time in putting the old RMV site on Main Street out to bid. My guess is that we're looking at an apartment tower. Same for the old Denholm Building that will be demolished. I'd like to see a flying car port somewhere in the vicinity. Cities in Europe are already putting these in.
David Z. said…
The new phrase is “In Eric we Trust” for now anyways. No guarantee he’s the next long term CM.
Anonymous said…
What do we exactly trust Eric to do, not give away more than what was already given away. I don't think there is anything left to give away.
Anonymous said…
Eric is unfortunately expected to hold the bag of poo when the finances of the ballpark deal finally become public.

I feel bad for him. He is a good guy that loves his city.

As has been said here before, if the news on the finances was good, you would have heard already. Loudly and repeatedly. But you haven’t.