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Great Comment: March Loads

 Loads for flights departing from ORH in March 2022: -LGA (38%) -JFK JetBlue (50%) -JFK AA (22%) -FLL (80%) 



Editor's note:   

Keep in mind that is March

1)   The JetBlue numbers do not surprise us and we think they have gone up.

2)    Delta and American numbers lower then we thought!!   Lets hope these have come up???


ORH Fan said…
These numbers do not surprise me one bit. It is a complete clown show up at ORH. The only flight that seems to be doing good is the Fort Lauderdale flight which is a nonstop. No one wants to fly through JFK to get to where they are going. Same with the Delta LaGuardia flight. It's too late in the day which extremely limits connection opportunities. I previously posted about trying to book a flight to West Palm Beach from ORH. The JetBlue option had me waiting at JFK with an almost 4 hour layover. The Delta option only gave me about 30 minutes to make my connecting flight at LaGuardia and even if I did make the connection I wouldn't get into West Palm Beach until 11pm. No Thanks. Ended up going out of Providence. Had to drive and hour each way but I got to Florida before noon and got home before I would have if I had done the ORH/JFK option. Give us nonstop flights to vacation destinations and the airport will thrive. I just read the other day that Avelo is exceeding expectations in New Haven and they are planning to build a new terminal at the airport. How much did Massport spend on that landing system that we absolutely had to have? $100 million +/- if I recall correctly. What a waste. I'm sure all the contracts for that project went to the "politically connected". If this is all we are getting for flight options they should have just bulldozed the airport. It would have been a lot cheaper.
Anonymous said…
American doesn’t surprise me at all. Every time I look at flights to book out of ORH that have a layover, American is either never listed there or requires 2 stops or an overnight layover which doesn’t make sense considering that American’s flight time is the best out of ORH. I’m more interested in seeing JetBlue’s flight to FLL with the switch to the A320. Delta surprises me a little bit because at the time it was in the afternoon and typically their price matches JetBlue’s at the airport but unfortunately I feel like many people don’t know about it.
Anonymous said…
As to late evening flight returns, I often fly back on. a business trip after the last of meetings. In the case of my next flight, I fly direct out of Logan because I have a meeting that same day just after lunchtime, and return late night the next day but I return to ORH. I'm doing that because the return time is after 11 PM to either BOS or ORH and I'd rather get home with a few minutes drive from ORH. Returning from Logan is one hour, and that is if there is no road work (ha!) going on or any other traffic issue at all.

There is a business travel case for the late return to ORH