Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

FY2024: Bond Payment Versus Revenues


When capitalized interest and working capital have been exhausted, our annual bond payment is $6,240,690 in fiscal 2024.    Click here.

The lease payment from the WooSox will be 2,769,833.  Click here

The DIF needs to produce $3,470,857 for the project to be "revenue neutral" to the taxpayers.


Anonymous said…
The first building across the street will not be done by then never mind getting that much in new taxes. Anyone who thought it would was sniffing glue or still believes in Santa Clause.
Anonymous said…
My taxes are too high already and now I have to pay for the ballpark. I just read about something called the Community Preservation Act adding more to my tax bill. Enough.
Anonymous said…
The city council railroaded the new CPA tax onto the city. It short circuited sending it to the taxpayers for a vote because they knew that no one voted to raise his or her own taxes. Several of the councilors are net takers of our taxes and some are net payers of taxes. Looks like the takers are winning. They will take even more.

That’s all before the ballpark bill scroll in on top of it.

Let’s not forget the BID district taxes for downtown property owners that was piled on a few years ago.
Anonymous said…
The problem with the City is they know they are a monopoly. I can't just pick up my house and move it to Holden or Auburn so they know they can keep socking it to us and there is nothing we can do, but move.
Anonymous said…
This Week in Worcester has an article about Holden winning $14 million lawsuit against the City of Worcester. I wish I could move my house to Holden because at least the cost of my sewer bill would go down.
Anonymous said…
Makes me feel better that the City is not just sticking it to its own taxpayers, they are sticking it to the taxpayers of Holden. I bet if they really try hard we can find others to screw.