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Field of Schemes: Rhode Island reveals Pawtucket soccer TIF would leave taxpayers with ocean of unpaid stadium debt


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We should have hired CLS not Andrew Zimbalist.

Also not Pawtucket is level funding their debt in their proejections.


Anonymous said…
Delta just added 3 daily flights from Westchester County Airport to Boston starting in October. We need 3 daily Delta flights too to JFK or Atlanta!! LGA is limited to just East Coast connecting flights due to the 1,500-mile perimeter rule.
Anonymous said…
Is any level of government transparent with our money? Rhode Island initially wants you to put a public records request, Worcester just ignores us and calls Worcester Business Journal negative for just asking questions about the promise that it would not cost us. Thanks should go to this blog for continuing to ask questions because we are close to figuring out how much this is costing us.
ORH Fan said…
The Delta flight to LaGuardia out of ORH is a joke. Because of the late departure time you're extremely limited as far as connecting flights go out of LaGuardia, unless you want to get to your destination at midnight.
Anonymous said…
Just read on an article that JetBlue will be replacing many Fort Lauderdale flights with airbuses that originally had the E190 on them. Seems like the A320 is going to be permanent until an A220 becomes the new aircraft (if they choose to switch it). Great news for ORH since ticket prices with that aircraft have been a lot cheaper than with the E190.