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Councilor Bergman Facebook Post


For the record, we like Councilor Bergman

May we suggest a post to the Councilor asking his constituents what they think abut a for profit business like the WooSox not having to pay any property taxes on 160 million dollar ballpark?

This chicken post got 73 comments.


Anonymous said…
The standard operating procedure on the WooSox not paying taxes is don't ask, don't tell.
Anonymous said…
Do you know if the Boston Red Sox, or the group that owns the Boston Red Sox, owns part of the WooSox? The reason I ask is I just read an article that they are worth $10 BILLION. If they can't afford to pay property taxes no one can.
Rusty said…
As stated prior, I cannot speak for Delta or American, but JetBlue has voiced numerous times there intention to expand service into ORH. JB’s numbers are good, they see potential in ORH. They’re going to expand. We just have to be patient. They just cut 37 routes from their network this month alone. The staffing shortage is REAL. They can barely run the schedule they have, completely forget adding additional routes any time soon. Orlando will come back, San Juan is a thing. Just not right now. Like I mentioned months ago, once they figure out the staff shortages then we’ll hear something. Massport’s hinted at it numerous times. In my multiple conversations with Andy Davis over the year, when asked he has a little grin as he skirts around the question. I’ve tried to prod here and there but the grin/smirk says it all. There’s plans. He just can’t say anything. I still hold by my original timeline of Holiday 2022. The 1 year mark & once seasonal summer routes are over with. I think we’ll hear some news then. But until then? I’d expect absolutely nothing.

P.S. JetBlue’s new Terminal (Terminal C) at Orlando opens in September. MCO is currently gate capped & operating over its designed capacity. Once that opens that’ll make it easier to expand service at MCO. With ORH as a possible destination.