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Breeze Airways to operate base at Rhode Island TF Green International Airport



David Z. said…
Bill, I can recall you at one point stating that ORH would be a great fit for Breeze Airways. I guess the airline didn’t agree with your assessment.

But thank you for getting the blog back on ORH topics from the WooSox. 😀
Bill Randell said…
Now that Ed has left town. Can you still say "In Ed We Trust"???
Anonymous said…
I think Worcester isn’t even going to be considered now for flights anymore. With breeze having 2 major hubs in the northeast in Providence and Hartford/Bradley, Worcester might get one flight but that’s doubtful. The only place that I can see benefiting from Breeze in New England the most is Portland. Why this might sound confusing, Portland gives people the opportunity to vacation in the summer and their airport is extremely popular. They have a daily flight to and from Atlanta with delta using the A321 that’s sold out almost every day. Manchester is just dying and isn’t as popular as it used to be. Serves no purpose except for southwest flights mainly and American and if Worcester ever gets more flights/airlines then Manchester could be done. Breeze going to RI and CT has people in all of mass having an option to fly with breeze that’s an hour away. I just don’t see Breeze putting 3 hubs all within an hour of each other. Portland would be the most likely choice to get it especially since it’s the most popular vacation destination in Maine.