Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Ballpark Debt Service


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The Working Capital totals $2,930,648.20, which was borrowed in the March 2021 bond to be applied equally to FY22 and FY23. 

The remainder is capitalized interest from the November 2018 bond, February 2020 bond, and March 2021 bond.


    • Working Capital          2,930,648
    • Capitalized interest     4.,589,615


Anonymous said…
It looks like it is already costing us tax dollars to pay for the ball park. No more in Ed we trust.
Anonymous said…
Why are the payment amounts increasing every year? Shouldn't they be the same?
Anonymous said…
This spreadsheet makes no sense and I am going to compare it to my home mortgage. If my house cost me $145,000 and I took a 30 year mortgage I would expect in 20 years I would be close to paying it off. This spreadsheet shows that there is still $90 million in payment due. Is that correct?
Bill Randell said…
not sure where you see 90 Million in payment due? We believe the schedule has all these bonds being paid off at the end?
Anonymous said…
From the spreadsheet if you go to the very end and add the amounts for the last ten years it is about $90 million. Am I understanding this correctly.