Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

14 Million Verdict Against The City of Worcester


  1. 160 million versus 100 million cost to build Polar Park
  2. 14 million verdict above
  3. Costs overruns will be high at Doherty and Burncoat
  4. Community Preservation Act

Taxpayers are going to have to pay for this, but the WooSox, pictured below, will not have to worry since they pay no real estate taxes on the ballpark????



Anonymous said…
Do you think the City keeps track of how much more it costs residents and taxpayers or do they just assume we will just pay?
Anonymous said…
Why don't the WooSox pay taxes on the ballpark?1
Anonymous said…
I live in District 5 and I did not vote for my current City Councilor, Etel Haxhiaj, for a lot of reasons but I will say she has surprised me. Of all the City Councilors I think she is at least asking questions and attends meetings prepared. She has an item asking about the process of naming publically owned property, so at least she is paying attention what is happening.