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WRA July Meeting


Financials on Polar Park

You may have to rotate it

But latest total on land acquisition and park construction $160,953,763.64

Are there more expenses coming in???   

****  Editor's note

Original cost of the ballpark was to be around $90 million  

This report has it at $139,071,631.95


Anonymous said…
Frontier is asking for the spirit vote to be delayed in order to try to persuade stockholders from voting JetBlue. Frontier is extremely worried that they don’t have enough votes to get the airline and a lot of people believe that as well. If JetBlue does get Spirit, I wouldn’t see much benefit in ORH getting it since the main area they have flights at are in Fort Lauderdale. Spirit does have lots of flights to Myrtle Beach and Atlantic City for season service but JetBlue doesn’t so who knows what JetBlue would do with those flights. One main reason they’re going for Spirit is to get gate space at major airports like LAX for example and Newark. If all of spirit’s aircrafts end up being sold to other airlines which is rumored to happen if JetBlue gets them then I really see no benefit for Worcester. Hopefully I’m wrong but who knows what exactly will happen.
Anonymous said…
Did you see the Masslive article about the WooSox agreement with a cannabis company, Green Meadows and the banners on what I assume to be City street lights. The part of the article I found comical was the quote that they want to make Polar Park look feel and taste like the City, so what do they do, get into an agreement with a cannabis company from SOUTHBRIDGE. The one good thing about the company is they are supportive of our veterans so thank you to them.
Anonymous said…
You posted a Gary Rosen video where a gentleman asked Gary Rosen where the money went. He could ask that about the cannabis ..oney. Where did the money go?
Anonymous said…
I am a realist. 189. We know they are shuffling things into other areas to try to deflect.